Pregnancy is a time unlike any other in a woman’s life. The body works overtime to nurture the growing foetus, providing it with strength and sustenance, and guiding its journey to independent life. It is an extraordinary and magical process and one that is both physically and emotionally demanding.

Undergoing regular Acupuncture treatments throughout pregnancy helps to make it a calmer, healthier and more enjoyable experience. Acupuncture is now accepted as a proven treatment for many of the common problems that develop in pregnancy as well as encouraging a more efficient birth. A recent New Zealand study found that pre-birth acupuncture reduces the need for inductions, epidurals and emergency caesarean sections by more than 30%.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment that can be used throughout pregnancy; from conception through to delivery and post partum care offering an effective alternative to the many medications that need to be avoided at this time.